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September 28, 2011


Lourdes Hospital Selects 17 Toshiba Systems Across Multiple Modalities

TUSTIN, Calif., Sept. 28, 2011 – To make diagnostic imaging safer and faster for patients while maintaining high image quality for accurate diagnoses, Lourdes Hospital, in Binghamton, NY, has acquired a suite of diagnostic imaging systems from Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. To date, Lourdes has installed an AquilionTM ONE CT system, three RADREXTM-i digital radiographic and two KalareTM RF X-ray systems, and one XarioTM XG ultrasound unit. Later this year, Lourdes will receive an additional Xario XG, eight AplioTM MX ultrasound systems and an Aquilion Premium CT system.

“We were upgrading our facility and required a single diagnostic imaging vendor to meet a range of imaging needs for several departments,” said Brian Wetzel, administration director, Diagnostic Imaging and Cardiology, Lourdes Hospital. “Throughout the selection and installation process, Toshiba has been a true partner providing high-quality diagnostic imaging technology in multiple modalities to elevate the overall level of patient care.”

The Aquilion ONE is used in the emergency department, primarily for diagnostic imaging procedures, such as whole-brain perfusion imaging, CTA and cardiac and trauma applications. The system covers up to 16 cm of anatomy using 320 ultra-high-resolution 0.5 mm detector elements and can image entire organs, such as the heart and brain, in a single rotation. The Aquilion ONE not only images patients quickly and accurately when time is critical, but limits radiation dose with Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction (AIDR) and improves noise characteristics with QDS and Boost3D technologies.

To further enhance workflow, Lourdes switched its X-ray technology from CR to DR for digital image processing with the RADREX-i and Kalare systems, which can both process images in four to seven seconds. The clinical staff has more system control tableside, which, coupled with dynamic processing, results in faster patient throughput, and Lourdes has been able to reduce its X-ray rooms from six to four.

Toshiba’s Xario XG, delivering superior image quality and advanced technologies for all general imaging exams, is utilized at Lourdes for various routine and diagnostic procedures bedside including both thyroid and extremity exams. Later this year, Lourdes will install eight new Aplio MX ultrasound units to streamline workflow and create imaging consistency across multiple departments, including the ICU and emergency department. Toshiba’s Aplio MX is approximately 30 percent lighter and uses 35 percent less power when compared with conventional ultrasound systems. As a premium portable radiology system equipped with advanced ultrasound imaging capabilities, Lourdes plans to use the Aplio MX for numerous applications, including musculoskeletal and muscle carpal syndrome diagnosis.

“We are committed to working directly with our customers to deliver solutions that enhance the diagnostic imaging capabilities at their facilities,” said Doug Ryan, vice president, Marketing and Strategic Development, Toshiba. “At Lourdes, Toshiba has worked closely with clinicians to find a multimodality solution that makes imaging more efficient and improves patient care, while allowing them to operate effectively in today’s healthcare environment.”

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