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December 3, 2008


Vantage’s Image Quality, Reduced Noise and Contrast-Free Techniques Improve Patient Care

CHICAGO — December 3, 2008 — The ability of the EXCELART Vantage™ MR system to provide patient comfort without compromising image quality and diagnostic capability has led to its rapid acceptance in hospitals and imaging centers around the world. Highlighting this success, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. has installed the 700th Vantage MR system at Comanche County Medical Center (CCMC) in Comanche, TX. Toshiba’s Vantage MR systems will be on display at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago, Nov. 30 – Dec. 5, 2008 (Booth #3429, South Hall).

CCMC acquired Toshiba’s Vantage Atlas™ MR system, which it will use for general MRI and breast MRI. As an acute care hospital in rural Texas, midway between the cities of Comanche and De Leon, CCMC provides complete healthcare services to the citizens of Comanche County, and surrounding counties, totaling approximately 35,000 people. It is the only acute care medical center in several counties offering new and advanced medical imaging technology.

“As the only acute care center in several counties, we selected the Vantage Atlas MR for its patient-friendly features, high image quality and leading technology,” stated Kevin Storey, chief executive officer, Comanche County Medical Center. “With features like Pianissimo to reduce MR noise, feet-first imaging, contrast-free MRA and advanced breast imaging capabilities, Toshiba’s Vantage Atlas MR system will enable us to improve patient care, comfort and safety for all the patients we serve.”

For MR breast imaging, Toshiba is introducing a bilateral, dedicated, multi-element Radiance Plus Breast Imaging Coil. This coil is an addition to existing Vantage coils and is uniquely designed to improve workflow and patient comfort. The Radiance Plus coil provides high temporal and spatial resolution for dynamic analysis and lesion characterization. The coil also delivers a high signal-to-noise ratio, significantly increasing the breast image quality.

CCMC is the only facility in several counties to offer this type of advanced breast MR technology. In addition to the Vantage Altas MR, CCMC owns several other Toshiba systems, including Toshiba’s Aquilion™ 64-detector row CT system which it uses to diagnose acute cardiac conditions.

“Shipping the 700th Vantage MR system is a true testament to the patient-focused features and high image quality produced by the system,” said Bob Giegerich, director, MR Business Unit, Toshiba. “The Vantage system meets clinical demands and delivers high-resolution images across the entire body with faster imaging times, ideal for high-volume acute care settings like Comanche County Medical Center.”

The two most common patient complaints about MR are claustrophobia and noise. Toshiba’s patented Pianissimo™ technology, which reduces acoustic noise by as much as 90 percent, eliminates most patient nervousness and dissatisfaction associated with MR exams. The system’s integrated coil concept allows physicians to perform multiple exams without repositioning the patient. This means a more comfortable exam experience and results in enhanced workflow and technologist productivity.

The Vantage MR system also takes advantage of Toshiba’s proprietary contrast-free MRA techniques – Fresh Blood Imaging (FBI), Contrast-free Improved Angiography (CIA), Time-Spatial Labeling Inversion Pulse (Time-SLIP) and Time and Space Angiography (TSA). Contrast-free imaging is particularly important because gadolinium, the most common contrast agent used for MR exams, has been directly linked to a potentially fatal disease that has occurred in patients with renal insufficiency, called Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF) or Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy (NFD). These contrast-free protocols allow for safer scanning of patients with known renal compromise and diabetes.

Toshiba’s Vantage MR system was named Best in KLAS in 2007 and 2006. It also holds the number one rating with MD Buyline.

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