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June 14, 2005


Physicians Deliver Advanced Cardiac Care Using Toshiba’s Aquilion 64-slice CFX CT

TUSTIN, Calif., June 14, 2005 – Manhattan Diagnostic Radiology (MDR), a dedicated heart center located in New York City, today announced it has successfully scanned its 500thpatient using the center’s state of the art Aquilion 64-slice CFX from Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc (TAMS).  The announcement, which was made in conjunction with the 7th Annual Stanford Radiology International Symposium on Multidetector-Row CT, further emphasizes the impact of 64-slice CT technology on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.  

During the symposia, Dr. Jeffrey P. Goldman, director of MRI and CT at MDR, will deliver a lunch-time presentation hosted by Toshiba about the benefits of multi-slice CT for cardiac applications, his experiences with the Aquilion CFX CT, and its positive impact on his practice and the care of his patients.  The advanced image quality and speed delivered by the Aquilion CFX allows cardiologists to uncover early signs of heart disease, such as arterial plaque, and make treatment recommendations without the need for invasive exploration of the heart.  In fact, Dr. Goldman states that the Aquilion CFX allows clinicians at MDR to identify indications of disease earlier in its progression, potentially reducing a patient’s risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

“Images of the heart are extremely difficult to capture because it’s in a state of continuous motion.  Until the advent of multi-slice CT, cardiologists had to rely on more invasive, risky procedures, like catheterized angiography, to give an accurate view of what was happening inside the patient’s heart,” Goldman said.  “The Aquilion CFX produces brilliant images allowing me to view intricate areas of the heart, to accurately pinpoint current cardiac issues and to detect potential problems in the earliest stages—even for patients with a normal stress test.” 

According to Doug Ryan, director, CT Business Unit, TAMS, “Manhattan Diagnostic Radiology (MDR) is a leading imaging center in New York City due to their experience and ongoing investments in state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic technologies.  Their recent acquisition of the Aquilion 64-slice CFX is a testament to the commitment by MDR and the technology of the Aquilion to diagnose the earliest stages of heart disease and improve cardiac patient care,” Ryan said.

MDR is renowned for its thought leadership in the area of cardiac imaging, as well as for utilizing the latest cardiac imaging tools to provide patients with a higher standard of care.  Toshiba’s Aquilion 64-slice CFX CT scanner is just one component of the facility’s suite of imaging technologies.  TAMS’ unique 64-row Quantum detector enables the Aquilion scanner to acquire 64 simultaneous slices of 0.5 mm of the heart with each 400-millisecond gantry revolution, which allows cardiologists to scan the heart with superb precision.

The 7th Annual Stanford Radiology International Symposium on Multidetector-Row CT will be held at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco on June 15-18, 2005.

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