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Making Innovation Accessible

Making Innovation Accessible

Providing advanced technologies and workflow solutions across modalities.

Making Innovation Accessible

A survey1 reports one of the top imaging department priorities for their radiology practice/department/facility is:

Keep department up-to-date with state-of-the-art technology

However, innovation is not always easily accessible…

Artificial Intelligence


Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)2

  • AI using Deep Learning including neural networks to improve image reconstruction and reduce radiation dose
  • Easy to include in routine workflow with fast reconstruction time
  • Can be used with >98% of all CT, PET and MR procedures3


Gateway Platinum

Gateway Platinum — Integrated and Proprietary Cybersecurity

  • Integrated, NextGen Firewall protection
  • Diagnostic system with proactive and predictive remote support
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and malware detection with alerts

3D Room Planning

Envision 360

Interactive 3D Design and Visualization

  • Interactive 3D medical site planning tool
  • Customer focused comprehensive design
  • Real time walkthroughs and room visualization

AI System Analytics


Smart Service Analytics

  • Monitor, analyze and report on fleet wide multi-modality, major OEM systems
  • Increase uptime with proactive alerts based on machine learning algorithms
  • Fleet wide operational efficiency management by real-time reporting

Continuing Education

Canon Medical On Demand

Online, On Demand Learning

  • On demand microlearning experience
  • Expand, reinforce, or supplement your training needs
  • Live webinars and short courses on trending topics in radiology

Advanced Visualization


Multi-Modality Advanced Visualization System

  • Integrated workflows and partner applications for facilitating improved clinical outcomes
  • Easy to view and intuitive user interface
  • Enhanced workflows with consistent user experience and protocols across modalities

1 Source: IMV 2019 Global Imaging Market Outlook Report
2 Optional
3 Based on the IMV report on total CT, MR & PET Procedure Volumes in 2019. Excludes CT Fluoro and non-oncology PET imaging