Collaborative imaging

Collaborative imaging

Help stroke patients get back to functional independence.

The right treatment can help get your stroke patients home more quickly.

This is Susan.
She’s woken up with a stroke and under previous stroke guidelines, the window of time for quality treatment would be slim. Her future prognosis of reduced mobility or a life of functional independence rests in the appropriate care pathway.

Follow Susan’s journey to wellness.

Collaborative imaging Brain Shadow

A complete solution

Susan's Story

Susan's Stroke Story

Providing quality care across multiple modalities, Canon Medical’s Collaborative imaging brings our latest innovations in radiology straight to you.

Access to the right system that helps you to follow new treatment guidelines for expanding the window of time to be treated can help her get back to what matters most—a life and support system that’s stronger than a stroke. Collaborative imaging delivers Susan the fast, detailed, intelligent brain imaging and diagnostics needed for stroke assessment and triage.

Collaborative imaging
The 4 Pillars of Collaborative imaging

The four cornerstones of a patient's journey:

Scan, Diagnose & Treat, Share, and Analyze

Anchor Image Collaborative imaging Brain Scan Collaborative imaging Brain Scan

Intelligent acquisition, thanks to a range of imaging modalities, helps customers clearly visualize patients.

Collaborative imaging Scan

Computed Tomography

Neuro ONE Protocol

comprehensive stroke evaluation

Aquilion™ ONE / GENESIS SP provides a comprehensive stroke evaluation to help you quickly find the source of stroke with Neuro ONE Protocol, which delivers whole brain perfusion and dynamic CTA in one exam.


Magnetic Resonance


scan positioning for brain imaging

Available on our suite of MR systems — assists with scan positioning for brain imaging and enhances efficiency and reproducibility via intelligent alignment algorithms.

Diagnose and Treat
Diagnose & Treat

Intelligent processing integrates advanced visualization tools, some of which make it possible to detect, classify and characterize conditions at the point of image acquisition.

Diagnose & Treat

Computed Tomography


Vitrea CT 4D Brain Perfusion package which evaluates flow and perfusion deficits in order to identify the affected brain tissue in under 5 minutes.

Diagnose & Treat

Magnetic Resonance

Olea Sphere® 3.0

Olea Sphere 3.0 — available on our suite of MR systems — enables clinicians to see the potential for revascularization thanks to its auto-stroke quantitative calculation of DWI-PWI mismatch with full volumetric assessment of infarct, penumbra and mismatch ratio.

Diagnose & Treat


Alphenix™ 4D CT

Alphenix™ 4D CT enables stroke triage and intervention — all in one room. Its innovative pairing of an interventional lab and CT may help you to expand treatment capabilities and saves valuable time.


Intelligent sharing seamlessly integrates, optimizes and shares information across all networks — regardless of vendor or system.

Seamless Integration

Enterprise Imaging

Because of our partnerships with leading enterprise imaging companies, all data — regardless of vendor or system — is seamlessly integrated, optimized and shared across all networks.


Intelligent analytics provide detailed analysis of data throughout the organization to help manage the practice and automatically highlight opportunities for clinical and operational improvement.


Intelligent Analytics

Vitrea View

Canon Medical Systems delivers intelligent analytics for improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes — and optimal patient-centric care.

Susan's journey to wellness with Canon Medical Systems' world class scan technology with intelligent positioning, personalized protocols and intelligent reconstruction with wide open architecture can help improve the patient experience.

Born from Canon's "Made for Life" philosophy and unwavering commitment to innovation and improving the quality of life, Collaborative imaging enables customers to improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes, while effectively managing and reducing cybersecurity risks.

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Collaborative imaging

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