Collaborative imaging

Collaborative imaging

CT Lung Cancer Screening

Lung visualization for individuals at high risk of lung cancer has the potential to dramatically improve survival rates by finding the disease at an earlier, more treatable stage.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are now covering annual CT Lung Cancer Screening (LCS) of current or former smokers at high risk of lung cancer, which can save lives through early detection.

Follow the LCS Solution

Getting ready for LCS program

Vitality XT

comprehensive stroke evaluation

Better manage CT dose, protocols and equipment to standardize care and improve quality.

Driving referrals and setting up service line

Co-marketing Support

Patient & Referring physician awareness kits targeted to increase volume.

Running an efficient LCS program

Prime SP

Low-dose lung cancer screening with Prime SP. Industry-leading dose reduction capabilities increase safety from start to finish. Together with advanced ergonomic features, Aquilion Prime SP improves the quality of care for patients.

Managing patients that test positive

Celesteion PET/CT

Largest PET/CT Bore that puts patient comfort first. 90 cm CT bore for an improved patient experience and better access for Oncology planning and therapy devices.

Automatically detects potentially actionable lung nodules,
and automatic nodule tracking.

Visia™ CT Lung CAD

Visia CT Lung CAD facilitates time-efficient and safe radiological diagnosis of MSCT-images in clinical daily routine. Up-to-date algorithms for image processing and pattern recognition allow computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) of diseases in the chest area.

Vitrea CT Lung Analysis

Lung screening solution that will enable healthcare providers to manage a lung screening initiative. Standardized lung nodule assessment and comprehensive characterization of nodules over time are a couple of the available options.

CT Lung Cancer Screening
A holistic approach to LCS with Canon that overcomes the current barriers in adoption.

Born from Canon's "Made for Life" philosophy and unwavering commitment to innovation and improving the quality of life, Collaborative imaging helps customers improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes, while effectively managing and reducing cybersecurity risks.

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Collaborative imaging

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