Collaborative imaging

Collaborative imaging

Help heart disease patients get back to functional independence.

The right treatment can help get your heart disease patients home more quickly.

Collaborative imaging provides David a complete, integrated solution that helps medical practitioners address his structural heart disease at every stage in the process — from evaluation to treatment.

Follow David's journey to wellness.

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A complete solution

Davids's Story

Minimally invasive interventional procedures are growing rapidly for the treatment of structural heart disease.

Collaborative imaging fuses multiple modalities with innovative clinical applications to deliver patient-centered care, every step of the way.

Collaborative imaging
The 4 Pillars of Collaborative imaging

The four cornerstones of a patient's journey:

Scan, Diagnose & Treat, Share, and Analyze

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Intelligent acquisition, thanks to a range of imaging modalities, helps customers clearly visualize patients.

Collaborative imaging Scan

Computed Tomography

Volumetric Scan Mode & vHP3

Aquilion™ ONE / GENESIS SP and Aquilion Prime SP deliver comprehensive heart imaging.

The GENESIS offers Volumetric Scan Mode to acquire anatomical and functional data from a single heartbeat.

Aquilion Prime SP, offers the 3-phase Variable Helical Pitch which automatically changes from ECG-gated to non-ECG-gated acquisition during a single helical scan.


Magnetic Resonance

SUREVOI with CardioLine+

Available on our suite of MR systems — enables automatic determination and placement for 14 cardiac views for improved, intelligent workflow.

Diagnose and Treat
Diagnose & Treat

Intelligent processing integrates advanced visualization tools, some of which may help physicians assess patient conditions at the point of image acquisition.

Diagnose & Treat

Computed Tomography


Vitrea cardiac CT and Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) software planning produce the image detail needed for TAVR planning and follow up, enabling accurate assessments of aortic valves with 3-point aortic valve plane definition and robust valve plane measurements.

Diagnose & Treat

Magnetic Resonance

Medis® Suite MR

Medis® Suite MR delivers real-time assessment of valve functionality — offering quantitative analysis of arterial vessel and heart valve data, in addition to T1 mapping without contrast.

Diagnose & Treat



Alphenix family of angiography systems delivers efficiency for interventional cardiac procedures. Designed with maximum flexibility, minimal exposure and optimal image quality in mind, features like the freely-moving C-arm — deliver unprecedented patient access and ease of use.

Diagnose & Treat


Aplio i900

Aplio i900 provides real-time, 4D Imaging every step of the way — with easy access to 4D TEE transcatheter procedure guidance. Its advanced quantitative technologies enable fast valve analysis during planning, implantation and postop evaluation.


Intelligent sharing seamlessly integrates, optimizes and shares information across all networks — regardless of vendor or system.

Seamless Integration

Enterprise Imaging

Because of our partnerships with leading enterprise imaging companies, all data — regardless of vendor or system — is seamlessly integrated, optimized and shared across all networks.


Intelligent analytics provide detailed analysis of data throughout the organization to help manage the practice and automatically highlight opportunities for clinical and operational improvement.


Intelligent Analytics

Vitrea View

Canon Medical Systems delivers intelligent analytics to help facilities improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes and delivers optimal patient-centric care.

David's journey to wellness with Canon Medical Systems' world class scan technology with intelligent positioning, personalized protocols and intelligent reconstruction with wide open architecture can help improve the patient experience.

Born from Canon's "Made for Life" philosophy and unwavering commitment to innovation and improving the quality of life, Collaborative imaging enables customers to improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes, while effectively managing and reducing cybersecurity risks.

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Collaborative imaging

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