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Radiation Therapy Planning

Radiation Therapy Planning | Computed Tomography

Radiation Therapy planning solutions to help you prioritize precise, safe and efficient treatment planning.

Aquilion Large Bore

Easily reproduced radiation therapy with CT simulation positioning.

Aquilion LB is the only system that combines the largest bore and true FOV to cover more anatomy.

  • 90 cm gantry bore opening allows enhanced patient positioning
  • 70 cm acquired FOV
  • 85 cm extended FOV


  • SUREFluoro™: Real-Time Multi-Slice CT
  • 4D Respiratory Gated CT Simulation

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Aquilion Large Bore

4D Respiratory Gated CT Simulation

The Aquilion LB system supports oncology applications, including 4D respiratory gated CT simulation for advanced motion management and radiation therapy planning.

  • Acquire prospective respiratory gated images
  • Enable retrospective gating with 4D acquisition mode
4D Respiratory Gated CT Simulation

Aquilion Prime SP

RT Options

  • Extended field of view: See more of the anatomy with 70 cm EFOV.
  • RT flat table top: Scan in the same position for comfort and ease.
  • Respiratory gating: Delivers robust flexibility for respiratory motion management.
  • LAP lasers: Improve in-room patient set-up and technologist workflow.
  • Tech Assist Lateral Table movement: Create more flexibility and ease of use.
RT Options for the Aquilion Prime SP

Radiation Therapy Planning | PET/CT


Largest PET/CT Bore Provides More Room to Move

More Room to Move and Image for comfortable and accurate Radiation Therapy planning

90 cm CT bore for an improved patient experience and better access for Oncology planning and therapy devices.

  • 90 cm CT bore
  • 88 cm PET bore
  • 70 cm acquired FOV

Overcome the disadvantages of a 50 cm field of view with a 70 cm PET and CT True Scan FOV that can help you reliably see beyond a 50 cm FOV and deliver more accurate and safe treatment plans.

Celesteion PUREViSION Edition PET/CT

Respiratory Gating

These detailed images support clinicians in treatment planning.

Celesteion PUREViSION Edition PET/CT: Respiratory Gating
Celesteion PUREViSION Edition PET/CT: Respiratory Gating

Radiation Therapy Planning | Magnetic Resonance

Vantage Galan 3T

Universal Couchtop Overlay*

MR oncology radiation therapy with precise and reproducible patient positioning

Take your oncology radiation therapy planning to the next level with the MR Couchtop from CIVCO. The MR Couchtop, made of fiberglass with a foam core, features indexing at 7 cm increments to help you accurately transfer from your imaging to your treatment.

Optimize your planning capabilities with the three-pin Lok-Bar, allowing MR compatible devices to be indexed to your MR Couchtop helping to prevent unsafe devices from being used.

CIVCO Radiotherapy

*Optional, designed and manufactured by CIVCO

Vantage Galan 3T: Universal Couchtop Overlay
Vantage Galan 3T

Patient Alignment Laser¹

Complete your radiation therapy planning with the MR Laser² from Lap Laser. This patient alignment laser system helps you achieve precise patient marking, accurate planning and exact positioning, allowing for successful treatment. Ensure identical patient alignment for both CT and MR for automatic and accurate image fusion, utilizing Mirada RTx Fusion³, for your oncology radiation therapy planning.

LAP Laser

¹Optional, designed and manufactured by LapLaser Medical.
²Optional, designed and manufactured by Mirada Medical
³Optional, designed and manufactured by Mirada Medical

Vantage Galan 3T: Patient Alignment Laser
Vantage Galan 3T

Oncology Fusion Software*

Mirada RTx

Mirada's software tools for supporting radiation therapy treatment planning bring new levels of functionality, speed, and accuracy to the planning process.

  • Multi-modal Deformable Image Registration
  • Comprehensive QA tools
  • Access to PET/CT and MR for planning
  • Single-click multi-atlas contouring
  • Dose warping and summation
  • Adaptive re-planning
MIRADA Medical

*Optional, designed and manufactured by Mirada Medical

Oncology Fusion Software Oncology Fusion Software