Uncomplicated and Responsive Customer Service
For product service call our 24-hour ASSIST operators at (800) 521-1968.

Rapid Response

Uncomplicated and Responsive Customer Service

24/7 proactive monitoring, access and support

While each organization is unique, the healthcare industry as a whole wants two things when an issue arises: an immediate access point to their service provider and prompt resolution of the issue.

Our service organization is accessible with one phone call to our U.S. based 24/7 ASSIST Center. Each call is time-stamped and after a predetermined period of time, if a problem is not yet resolved, an alert message is automatically sent to managers who quickly engage and provide additional support.

We've purposely kept the organization flat, empowering each service representative with the options they need to solve cases quickly and fairly.

InTouch™ Center

Our service organization is accessible with one phone call to our U.S. based 24/7 ASSIST Center.

One phone call connects you to both technical and applications support—fast.

InTouch Center
e-Watch Maximizing Uptime

Continuous monitoring of the system’s room environment helps optimize working conditions, ensuring high performance and cost efficiency.

e-Watch™ Maximizing Uptime

e-Watch™ continuously monitors your imaging system room environment, checking power, temperature, and humidity 24/7, and automatically provides alerts if anything changes and is likely to cause issues.

This means that potential simple fixes, such as adjusting the HVAC setting can be made immediately, averting any problems, and ensuring optimal performance and maximizing uptime.

Remote diagnostic tool.

InnerVision® Plus

Through remote access and connectivity, InnerVision Plus helps increase productivity by catching problems before they affect imaging performance. Handled from our U.S. based InTouch Center, InnerVision Plus works to streamline the identification, diagnosis and resolution of system issues.

Download InnerVision® Plus Benefits

InnerVision Plus
WakeUp Check

Dose Tracking tool for Infinix-i systems.

WakeUp Check

WakeUp Check is a simple QA/QC procedure recommended by Canon Medical Systems. After a technologist runs the WakeUp Check, the output is shown on the system and captured by Canon Medical Systems InnerVision. Because the copper phantom remains consistent, any variation in kV, mA Pulse width or Pixel Level will indicate a potential problem.

Canon Medical Systems customers will see the last five WakeUp Check results on the Infinix-i system.

  • Includes 6" x 6" copper phantom and step-by-step instructions