Cybersecurity. Made Possible.

Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers are facing a huge wall of challenges from both traditional and completely new sources.

Meeting, and keeping up with the complex HIPAA regulations and FDA requirements on a variety of issues - for instrumentation, staff, and institutions is a never-ending process that takes up a large amount of time and brings significant potential risk.

The big new issue that should be front and center of your planning across everything is cybersecurity. With high profile attacks coming more often and hitting more institutions - healthcare organizations being amongst the most common targets due to the wealth of information that they hold.

Highly connected systems; the scale of the IT infrastructure, overlapping systems, bluetooth/wireless connected devices and data constantly in transit increases the size of the threat landscape—Considering the challenges of interconnectivity requires your time to develop an IT architecture including an outside-in approach to care and exchange of data and information that is cyber secure more than ever.

Having to manage external partner connectivity makes cybersecurity a daunting task and takes up an extensive time by you and your staff. Connectivity with unknown services, features, institutions with different information feeds, includes understanding what you want to accomplish and knowing how to partner accordingly.

Healthcare IT Challenges

The past three years was a record for healthcare industry data breaches. More patient and health plan member records were exposed or stolen than in previous years combined. Many millions of healthcare records were compromised, and millions of which were stolen in a single cyberattack.


Historic high data breaches

More than 113 mil. Healthcare records compromised



Global ransomware cyber attack crippling the healthcare sector



Specifically targets the healthcare sector

Source: HIPAA Journal report March 30, 2018 &

40% of all cybersecurity attacks last three years were in healthcare

40% of all cybersecurity attacks last three years were in healthcare

955 security breaches
$1.94 million average settlement
135 million records exposed/stolen

Mortality rates at hospitals increase following a data breach causing up to 2100 deaths per year

Canon Service
Support to Help You

Against the backdrop of major challenges, there are some key things you should be looking for from your imaging service and support provider to help you achieve.

We are remotely monitoring your instrument to identify any deviations to normal parameters

You need a partner that can assess your risks and mitigates them for you, so that you don't have to worry about any of the potential issues that can occur, and instead, focus on what's most important to you.

Whenever we identify an issue that can affect your daily routine, our service team will proactively schedule an appointment with you to reduce any unscheduled downtime.

Your staff are busy with patient care. We are here to support your workflow by delivering the needed knowledge on equipment and technology, and risk management trends.

Patient-focused Solutions

We support patient safety by protecting your system from cyber intrusions.*

Aquilion ONE Genesis

Canon Medical provides a host of patient-focused solutions to ensure patient comfort and dignity during imaging, and then reliable imaging and results afterwards.

But today, dignity and comfort extends beyond the healthcare treatment and into data. Health records contain a wealth of patient information that is actively targeted by cyber criminals.


Cybersecurity Expertise

Canon has a flawless record at keeping patients and systems safe from cyber intrustions.*

Canon Medical's Cybersecurity Risk Management Team

First OEM to achieve Authorization to Operate (ATO)

Department of Defense Risk Management Framework

Pro-active threat resolution

* System under warranty, or has any InTouch service agreement with CMSU

Patient Protection

Canon Medical's multi-layered approach to cybersecurity safely secures patient information, so you can focus on securing their health.

Cyberattacks, viruses, and other malicious threats continue to increase in frequency and sophistication. To combat these types of attacks, Canon Medical addresses system vulnerabilities on all fronts: firewall and network protection, antivirus software, live monitoring, predictive technologies and a well-trained team that is ready to help you withstand an attack.

Risk Management Team

Delivering continuous and scalable protection

eProtect Firewall

Meets industry and Department of Defense guidelines for validating traffic moving in and out of your system

McAfee Solidifier Antivirus

Automatically updating solution with whitelisting capabilities that blocks suspicious files and applications

HIPAA Compliant Authentication

Role-based user access privileges with secure local authentication and high level of password complexity

InnerVision Plus

InnerVision® Plus
Delivering Peak Performance

InTouch Center™ Technical Specialists resolve issues remotely reducing unscheduled downtime

InnerVision® Plus is a special remote diagnostic system allowing a team of highly qualified, US-based engineers and application specialists at Canon Medical to remotely analyze and troubleshoot your imaging systems, streamlining the identification, diagnosis, and resolution of system issues.

Innervision®Plus isolates your system from outside threats with proactive and predictive remote support.


Maintain levels of protection and system confidence with uninterrupted security protections while undertaking change management efforts. Canon Medical’s Cybersecurity packages the tools and products that you need to prevent cyberattacks, data breaches, and other malicious security threats that could result in significant lost revenue, productivity or patient trust.

Canon Medical Systems protects your patients’ information just like you protect their health. Stop data breaches before they occur with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. Protecting the patient is our joint responsibility.

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