T.RAD Plus Digital X-ray System
T.RAD Plus Digital

Productivity, versatility, and reliability.

T.RAD Plus Digital X-ray Digital Imaging

The T.RAD Plus Digital radiography system is the answer for radiology departments struggling to cope with increasing patient caseloads. The system provides features that help increase exam efficiency and improve workflow to help departments handle increasing patient loads with fewer staff.

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T.RAD Plus Digital X-ray Detector

Designed to accommodate consistent use in high throughput departments.

Detailed Imaging at a Fast Pace

Using a highly sensitive digital detector and uniquely designed Radiographic System,
the T.RAD Plus Digital integrates advanced technologies to provide outstanding image quality and excellent patient care.


Shorter, more comfortable and potentially safer exams.

Elevating Float-top Table

T.RAD Plus Digital X-ray Table

Versatile, elevating float-top table promotes precise positioning and maximum access to comfortably handle a diverse patient population.