T.RAD Plus X-ray Machine
T.RAD Plus

Productivity, versatility, and reliability.

The T.RAD Plus is designed with digital radiography in mind to provide a clear upgrade path to digital solutions and obsolescence protection.

T.RAD Plus Ceiling Mounted X-ray System

Streamline your workflow and advance patient care with T.RAD Plus™. Ideal for general-purpose radiography, the modular system is built to handle high patient volumes and specialized procedures. With multiple prepackaged configurations, more standard features and high-quality imaging, T.RAD Plus cost-effectively meets your diverse clinical needs. Best of all, it's designed with a clear upgrade path to digital radiography that ensures state-of-the-art performance for years to come.

Flexible configurations

Ceiling-suspended &
Floor mounted

T.RAD Plus X-ray Ceiling Suspended and Floor Mounted

Each organization has unique clinical, budgetary and space needs. That's why T.RAD's configurations are designed with a modular approach.


Precise control and positioning every time

Ergonomical Table

T.RAD Plus X-ray Table

Elevating and sturdy float-top table enables safe loading, easy access, and more comfort for patients.