Innovative Video Borescope Inspection Solution SV-2000

Innovative Video Borescope Inspection Solution SV-2000

1.6 mm Ø, 400 x 400, CMOS
1.0 mm Ø, 200 x 200, CMOS

The innovative SV-2000 is a cutting-edge chip-on-tip video borescope camera which supports a diverse range of inspection applications. When getting into tight spaces, the SV-2000 has the capacity to deliver full-color, high resolution, video inspections, and image capture.

The SV-2000 is ideally suited for a variety of inspections including catheters, tooling, machined parts, and assembly process monitoring. Two new control systems provide automatic brightness control, multi-sensor compatibility, and image capture of still images or video clips.

The SV-2000 Tablet/console features a self-contained touch-screen display, image recording, and camera control system with complete digital image management, review, playback, and export to USB media.

The SV-2000 Controller is ideal for full-motion video connection to a PC via USB 3.0 interface. It also provides HDMI output to a display and image capture to USB media.

Both control systems are compatible with two new water-resistant scope options that incorporate integrated illumination.

1.6 mm Ø x 1.9 m, 400 x 400 CMOS sensor, 120° FOV lens
1.0 mm Ø x 1.2 m, 200 x 200 CMOS sensor, 120° FOV lens

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