Superior Image Processing

0.65 x 0.65 mm, 200 x 200, CMOS

NEW! The ultra-small 0.65 mm x 0.65 mm, high-performance chip-on-tip video camera system, the JK-CT3, includes a sensor assembly with a 200 x 200 back-side illuminated CMOS sensor and integrated F2.8, 120° FOV lens, cable, and interface board.

The separate camera control unit board features electrical isolation for integration with medical devices, auto-brightness illumination control, plus two video output connections. DVI-D and HD-SDI. With superior image processing, Canon’s color and video adjustment controls and rugged construction, the JK-CT3 is ideal for integration into medical, surgical endoscopy, industrial, and other flexible-scope inspection systems.

Contact Canon to discuss various packaging options incorporating illumination, cable lengths, and output formats.


Key Features

  • 0.65 mm x 0.65 mm, 200 x 200, CMOS sensor (BSI)
  • 1.2m (47.24”) standard sensor cable length
  • Integrated 120° FOV lens
  • DVD-I, HD-SDI output, 29.97fps
  • Auto-brightness illumination control circuit
  • Electrical isolation for integration within medical devices
  • 12 color matrix adjustment
  • 5 user-defined image presets
  • UART 8-bit remote menu control
  • Up to 5m (16.4’) total length sensor to CCU
  • CCU board size 200 mm x 160 mm (7.87" x 6.30")