The IK-HR3H is VSD's 1-chip HD remote-head video camera. This economical and feature-rich progressive scan, 2.1MP 1080p, HD camera is compatible with Canon's 3-chip camera controller to produce exceptional color accuracy, high resolution and increased sensitivity from an incredibly small package. The IK-HR3H remote-head camera is ideally suited for 3D imaging, microscopy, scientific imaging, diagnostics, aerospace/aviation, specialty broadcast and other applications where exceptional video performance, increased sensitivity and an ultra-small package is required.

The IK-HD3D camera controller features binning mode for a 4X increase in sensitivity, image flip and mirror and greatly expanded user controls. For even greater flexibility, the controller is also compatible with the IK-HD3H 3-chip CMOS, 1080p camera head.

IK-HR3H Data Sheet

Key Features

  • 2.1MP, progressive, 1/3" HD CMOS sensor
  • 1920 x 1080 Digital DVI output
  • High sensitivity and wide dynamic range
  • Up to 900 TV lines resolution
  • 5 User-configurable scene fi les to achieve exceptional color accuracy and control
  • Binning mode for 4x increase in sensitivity
  • Image flip and mirror
  • Switchable between 1080p and 1080i
  • Gen lock for 3D and multi-camera use
  • IK-HD3H and IK-HR3H Camera heads are interchangeable with controller
  • Remote control via RS232
  • C-mount lens mount
  • Control unit also compatible with 3-CMOS IK-HD3H camera head


IK-HR3H Camera Head Specifications

Image Sensor 1-CMOS, 1/3 inch, 2.1MP progressive
Output Resolution Horizontal : 1920, Vertical : 1080
Resolution : H
Resolution : V
900 TV lines standard
900 TV lines standard
Sensitivity F7 standard (59.94 Hz setting)
F7.7 standard (50 Hz setting) (at 2000 lx, 3000 K)
Minimum Illumination 9.9 lx (59.94 Hz setting)
8.2 lx (50 Hz setting) at F2.2, 20 dB, BINNING: ON
19.8 lx (59.94 Hz setting)
16.3 lx (50 Hz setting) at F2.2, 20 dB, BINNING: OFF
S/N Ratio 56 dB standard
AGC: OFF, Gamma: OFF, Enhance: OFF
Ambient Temperature 0°C to 40°C / 32°F to 104°F
Ambient Humidity Less than 90%
Weight Approx. 34 g (1.2 oz)
Dimensions W: 27.4 mm H: 27.4 mm D: 33 mm
(1.08" x 1.08" x 1.3")
Protruding portion is not included

IK-HD3D Controller Specifications

Power Supply 12V DC±10%
Power Consumption 11.4 W
Scanning System Progressive / Interlaced (Selectable)
Scan Frequency H: 67.433 kHz, V:59.94 Hz :1080p / 59.94 Hz
H: 56.250 kHz, V:50 Hz :1080p / 50 Hz
H: 33.716 kHz, V:59.94 Hz : 1080i / 59.94 Hz
H: 28.125 kHz, V:50 Hz : 1080i / 50 Hz
Ambient Temperature 0°C to 40°C / 32°F to 104°F
Ambient Humidity Less than 90%
Weight Approx. 610 g (1.34 lbs.)
Dimensions W: 110 mm, H: 40 mm, D: 186 mm
(4.33" x 1.58" x 7.32")
Scene Files 5 User-configurable scene files
White Balance Auto / Manual (Selectable)
Gain Auto (0 - 20 dB); Manual (-3 - 20 dB), OFF
Output Signal DVI-D
Electronic Shutter Auto / Manual / OFF 1/60 - 1/10,000

Complies to FCC Part 15 Subpart B, Class A; EN61000-6-4, EN61000-6-2