Scientific Imaging

Scientific Imaging

Typical applications—clinical pathology, tumor review boards, microscopy and stereoscopic 3D.

VSD's advanced expertise in HD and UltraHD color video camera development results in amazingly sharp resolution, true color fidelity and real-time video output for smear and lag-free dynamic, bright field imaging. Maximize your live viewing experience through the microscope with our fast 59.94Hz 1080p and 4K video output providing 60 frames per second (fps) frame rates and image clarity as never seen before.

Through a combination of 3-chip and 1-chip HD video cameras and the latest in UltraHD video formats, VSD offers camera configurations to meet a wide range of performance and budgets. Some camera models also provide USB output for simultaneous and convenient connection to a computer for storage and recording.

Now Available—New JCS-HR5U HD video camera featuring simultaneous HDMI and USB 3.0 outputs

Scientific Imaging
Real-Time Video Cameras
UltraHD IK-4K UltraHD IK-4K Ultra HD provides the highest possible resolution at 60fps, especially at lower magnification settings 10X and below.
IK-HD5U USB IK-HD5U Exceptional color accuracy, HD 1080p, 60fps blur free imaging, highest sensitivity, increased near-IR sensitivity and USB3.0 output.
IK-HD3 IK-HD3 Provides exceptional color accuracy, sensitivity, HD1080p, 60fps blur free imaging, DVI output.
IK-HD1 IK-HD1 3-CCD for applications where rolling shutter CMOS is not suitable, provides exceptional colors, low noise, digital and analog outputs, 1080i format.
JCS-HR5U JCS-HR5U Ultra-compact, HD CMOS video camera features simultaneous HDMI & USB3.0 image outputs for direct view and image capture to a computer.
IK-HR3D IK-HR3D Economical remote-head, 1-chip, 1080p camera with advanced image processing functions for improved sensitivity and colors.
Area-Scan, PoCL, Camera Link Cameras for Machine Vision
IK-TF7P2 IK-TF7P2 Area-scan, color applications, 3-chip CCD, providing exceptional color accuracy and sensitivity up to 1024 x 768, Camera Link output.
IK-TF5P2 IK-TF5P2 Area-scan, color applications, 3-chip CCD, providing exceptional color accuracy and sensitivity up to 659 x 494, Camera Link output.
Chip-On-Tip Cameras
SV-1000 SV-1000 1.6mm Ø Waterproof Endoscope & Industrial Inspection Camera.
JK-CT3 JK-CT3 New! 0.65x0.65mm OEM Camera Module.