Aplio Platinum Ultrasound Machine

Are you missing subtle structures?
Better detail at greater depth.

An ultrasound system that can perform multiple exams well.

Based on over 40 years of industry-leading experience, Canon Medical Systems' Aplio 500 system overcomes the challenges of conventional ultrasound and delivers picture-perfect images with excellent image resolution and detail. Canon Medical Systems' revolutionary High-Density Beamformer Architecture uses the most advanced digital signal processing technology to reveal clinical information like you've never seen before, and delivers that information quickly and reliably using an array of unique imaging technologies.

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Ultrasound Pediatric Imaging on Aplio Platinum


Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging

Canon Medical Systems' innovative Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging (SMI)* technology expands the range of visible blood flow and provides visualization of low velocity microvascular flow never before seen with ultrasound.

SMI's level of vascular visualization, combined with high frame rates, advances diagnostic confidence when evaluating lesions, cysts and tumors, improving patient outcomes and experience.

Improve Accuracy and Speed with SMI

Getting accurate diagnostic information faster is just one reason why Canon Medical Systems' Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging (SMI) is an integral part of operations for our partners at Rex Healthcare.

Rex Healthcare Testimonial SMI Examples

*Available on the Aplio i-series, 500 and 300 Platinum, Xario 200 Platinum

Smart 3D SMI**

Provides referring physicians with better spatial orientation of the vascular structures.

Incorporates advanced 3D freehand technologies with clinical potential in Renal, Thyroid, Liver, Kidney and Skin Lesions.

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Non-invasive, quantitative assessment of tissue stiffness for confident diagnosis.

Shear Wave Elastography*

Canon Medical Systems' Shear Wave technology provides a quantitative measure and dynamic visual display of tissue stiffness in a variety of clinical settings.

  • Overcoming complications / limitations of biopsy
  • 4 smart maps to visualize and quantify shear wave propagation in realtime, inlcuding new variance map
  • One shot or continuous mode scanning
  • Push pulse optimized for deeper regions
Shear Wave Breast Carcinoma

Breast Carcinoma

Shear waves are generated by means of an ultrasonic burst (left). Depending on tissue properties, shear waves travel at varying speed. Canon Medical Systems' unique propagation mode can be used to confirm the quality of the shear wave generation (right).

Four Smart Maps

Shear wave speed Smart Map<

Shear wave speed

Elasticity Smart Map


Propagation Smart Map

(Canon Medical Systems Exclusive)

Variance Smart Map

(Canon Medical Systems Exclusive)

3D Shear Wave*

Shear Wave Technology with improved sensitivity to help with difficult to image patients.

  • Push pulse optimized for deeper regions
  • 3D Mapping supports high confidence and productivity
  • 3D Shear Wave exciting technology to support physician in better visualizing hard lesions


Canon Medical Systems' comprehensive Elastography* solution provides a visual representation (color mapping) of the elasticity of breast lesions following manual compressions.


Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)1

Our comprehensive contrast imaging package allows you to assess perfusion dynamics in a wide range of clinical settings. Depending on the system configuration, up to 24 transducers support contrast-enhanced studies, including an ample variety of specialized probes such as high frequency, intra-operative, intra-cavity and 3D/4D transducers.

Liver Hemangioma

Liver Hemangioma

Liver Tumor Post-Treatment

Liver Tumor Post-Treatment

TwinView and Dual CEUS

Canon Medical Systems' Pulse Subtraction™ technology enables perfusion studies with high sensitivity, resolution and image uniformity. The TwinView capability allows CEUS imaging under realtime B-mode control or simultaneously with two different CEUS frequencies, making it a great tool to facilitate interventional procedures or the study of complex cases.

Micro Flow Imaging (MFI)

Micro Flow Imaging helps in tracing small bubble populations, even in very low-perfused and peripheral areas. The function automatically accumulates uptake of contrast agent in a given region of interest and can display perfusion in relation to a reference point. The function’s built-in motion stabilizer allows the creation of contrast-enhanced images of stunning spatial resolution and detail.

Vascular Recognition Imaging (VRI)

VRI is an ultra-low power CEUS technique that helps to visualize both vascularization and perfusion simultaneously in an easy to understand manner. Its unique tri-color display depicts contrast wash-in and wash-out in the main branches in red or blue depending on the direction of flow. Parenchymal perfusion is shown in green at the same time to give a complete overview in one single frame.

Contrast Quantification (CHI-Q)

The Aplio 500 Platinum Series allows assessment of perfusion dynamics with high precision and flexibility to create objective results for both clinical research and routine use. The results are highly reproducible thanks to its raw data processing and its semi- automatic ROI tracking functionality.

1 Lumason (sulfur hexafluoride lipid-type A microspheres for injectable suspension) is approved in the U.S. for use with ultrasound of the liver in adult and pediatric patients to characterize focal liver lesions. [see full Lumason prescribing information].

Next Generation

Precision Imaging

Precision Imaging, like auto-focus on a camera, enhances the definition of structures and sharpens borders to separate clinical information from clutter and noise for a more accurate representation of patient anatomy.

Precision Imaging


Differential Tissue Harmonics

D-THI overcomes the limitations of conventional Tissue Harmonic imaging by providing improved visualization and definition of lesions, cysts and subtle tissue characteristics while scanning at increased depth and on difficult-to-image patients.

Differential Tissue Harmonics


Tissue Specific Optimization

While traditional ultrasound systems assume that all body types and conditions are the same, TSO provides you the ability to adjust the speed of sound to optimize image quality in various tissues and difficult-to-image patients.

Tissue Specific Optimization Off


Tissue Specific Optimization On



Advanced Dynamic Flow™

Canon Medical Systems' exclusive ADF feature employs sophisticated high-resolution, color-flow technology to display the smallest blood vessels and complex blood flow with amazing accuracy.

Advanced Dynamic Flow


Providing a superior level of image uniformity and detail in every mode, ApliPure+ real-time compounding combines the advantages of spatial and frequency compounding while preserving clinically significant markers.


Volume Imaging with Luminance

Aplio 500's comprehensive 3D/4D volume imaging* suite and Luminance* extends your diagnostic capabilities, delivering a degree of 3D detail and resolution sought after across the industry. The High-Density Volume Rendering Engine allows you to capture volume data sets at high-volume rates for shorter exam times and greater productivity.

Volume Imaging with Luminance


Canon Medical Systems' exclusive MicroPure* technology improves visualization of microcalcifactions in breast tissue, a potential marker for malignancy. MicroPure highlights automatically the detected microcalcifications as white spots.


Smart Fusion

Smart Fusion* offers the best of both worlds by synchronizing ultrasound with CT or MR images for locating hard-to-find lesions and improving confidence during ultrasound-guided biopsies. Smart Fusion reads 3D DICOM data sets from CT or MR systems then, using position sensors located on the ultrasound transducer, displays the corresponding images, side-by-side with the live ultrasound image.

With its intuitive set-up, Smart Fusion is the easiest to use fusion on the market with a simple and quick two-step process.

Smart Fusion Example

*Available on Aplio 500 Platinum and i-series

Smart Fusion
Smart Fusion Merge

Merging modalities to improve confidence

Matching the transducer position with the pre-acquired 3D data set is a simple and quick two-step process. By moving the transducer over the region of interest you can now browse the area simultaneously in both real-time ultrasound and pre-acquired volume data. Intelligent target and marker points facilitate navigation in the region of interest.

Position sensor

Position sensor

A magnetic position sensor with sub-millimeter accuracy allows for precise spatial correlation of different imaging modalities in realtime. Attaching the sensor to the transducer shaft allows for undisturbed imaging and intervention.

Smart Navigation

Canon Medical Systems' Smart Navigation technology is designed to minimize complications by improving confidence during ultrasound-guided interventional procedures.

  • Displays virtual biopsy lines corresponding with the needle positions on the fused live image to facilitate navigation
  • Improves visualization of needle tip for up to 3 biopsy needles
  • Used in conjunction with CIVCO's virtuTRAX

Smart Navigation Example

Smart Navigation Transducer
  • Needle out of the near side of the scan planeNeedle out of the near side of the scan plane (non-name plate side of the probe)
  • Needle out of the plane onthe far side of the scan planeNeedle out of the plane onthe far side of the scan plane (name plate side of the probe)
  • Needle line in the planeNeedle line in the plane
  • Position of the needle tipPosition of the needle tip
  • Crossing point of the navigation line and the live ultrasound imageCrossing point of the navigation line and the live ultrasound image

Fly Thru Imaging

The industry's first Fly Thru* technology is a 3D volume rendering technique that allows you to soar through cavities, ducts and vessels from the inside and in 3D. Similar to virtual endoscopy, Fly Thru is an innovative tool for exploring lesions and masses and planning interventional procedures. This technology function is available both during or post exam.

  • Fly Thru displays structures similar to the way they would appear using a virtual endoscope.
  • Fly Thru navigates through a selected volume automatically with a single push of a button, or can be controlled manually.

*Optional on the Aplio 500 only
**Optional on Aplio 500 and 300