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Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital Replaces Entire Ultrasound Fleet to Help Provide the Right Diagnosis for Patients

Replacing your entire fleet of ultrasound systems sounds like a challenging undertaking, especially as reform is changing the healthcare economy as we know it. For the most part that is true, but with an organized team and a committed imaging system provider, Our Lady of Lourdes successfully brought on 14 new Aplio™ 500 ultrasound systems from Canon Medical Systems.

Streamlining all the ultrasound systems within a hospital has many advantages. Sonographers don’t have to worry about learning multiple interfaces and can use every system in the hospital confidently. Image quality is consistent across all exams helping to provide more accurate diagnoses. This was the goal that Our Lady of Lourdes set out to achieve, led by its administrative director, Brian Wetzel.

“Not only are the systems easy to use, but the image quality allows our clinicians to see more.”

“Previously, we had a mix of manufacturers and decided that upgrading to a single system would ensure our sonographers could use every ultrasound in the hospital, making exams more streamlined and efficient,” said Brian Wetzel. “Not only are the systems easy to use, but the image quality allows our clinicians to see more.”

The Aplio 500 ultrasound systems give Wetzel and the rest of Our Lady of Lourdes a consistent and easy-to-use platform across all exams, including breast imaging, echocardiograms and vascular ultrasound studies. It offers efficient and precise exams with enhanced workflow tools and ergonomics, including the iStyle™+ Productivity Suite.

The system’s high image quality and industry leading depth and detail help clinicians improve their diagnostic confidence on every patient. And for administrators, the exceptional cost of ownership and department productivity make the system a smart investment.

Since acquiring the systems, the clinicians at Our Lady of Lourdes learned the new system’s interface and became comfortable quickly, thanks to Canon Medical Systems' dedicated education and service teams. They are now imaging more patients in less time and with less retakes, an ideal solution to the requirements of reform.