Aplio Platinum Cardiovascular Ultrasound Machine

Are you missing subtle structures?
Better detail at greater depth.

An ultrasound system that can perform multiple exams well.

Based on over 40 years of industry-leading experience, Canon Medical Systems' Aplio 500 system overcomes the challenges of conventional ultrasound and delivers picture-perfect images with excellent image resolution and detail. Canon Medical Systems' revolutionary High-Density Beamformer Architecture uses the most advanced digital signal processing technology to reveal clinical information like you've never seen before, and delivers that information quickly and reliably using an array of unique imaging technologies.

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Ultrasound Cardiovascular Imaging on Aplio Platinum CV

Are you missing subtle structures?

Better detail at greater depth.

With over 40 years of industry-leading experience, Aplio CV ultrasound systems provide picture-perfect images with excellent resolution. Aplio CV reveals clinical information quickly and reliably using the High-Density Beamformer's advanced digital signal processing capabilities and an array of unique imaging technologies.

See the Unseen. For Earlier Diagnosis.

2D Wall Motion Tracking*

Accurate, reproducible cardiac quantification in just a few clicks.

  • Easy routine integration of Strain measurements with Canon Medical Systems' 2D Wall Motion Tracking "5-Clicks to GLS" workflow
  • No need for lengthy offline analysis. Everything at the bedside seamlessly.
Wall Motion Tracking

On-board Cardiac Quantification for all directions

Aplio CV systems automatically calculate Ejection Fraction, LV volumes, Strain (radial, circumferential, rotation and longitudinal) in an instant, right at the bedside.

Cardiac Quantification Measurements

Tissue Enhancement

Image your difficult-to-image patients easier with exclusive Tissue Enhancement technology which improves image uniformity and endocardial border delineation.

Ultrasound Tissue Enhancement


Differential Tissue Harmonics

Exclusive Differential Tissue Harmonics Imaging (D-THI) provides improved visualization and detail of subtle tissue characteristics while scanning at increased depth, up to 40 cm penetration.

Differential Tissue Harmonics


Advanced Dynamic Flow™

Visualize the smallest blood vessels and complex blood flow with Advanced Dynamic Flow. ADF employs sophisticated, high-resolution, color-flow technology with amazing accuracy and definition.

Advanced Dynamic Flow

Tissue Doppler

Assess the diastolic function of both the right and left sides of the heart with high-frame-rate images. High-quality Pulsed-Wave-TDI traces in both visual and quantitative formats for precisely timed cardiac events.

Ultrasound Tissue Doppler

Stress Echo*

Comprehensive Stress Echo package enables fast and accurate wall motion assessment, supporting both standard and user-definable protocols for physical and pharmacological stress.

Ultrasound Stress Echo

Flex-M Mode*

Acquire live angle corrected M-mode images in patients when it is challenging to derive an on-axis M-mode image. Aplio CV’s Flex-M function makes it possible for you to acquire a correct M-mode image consistently.

Flex-M Mode


Automatically measure intima-media (IMT) thickness of the near and far arterial walls with Auto-IMT. This easy-to-use tool is significantly faster than alternate methods of measurement, helping you assess a patient’s risk for cardiovascular disease based on the IMT thickness of the carotid artery.


Contrast Imaging*

Canon Medical Systems' comprehensive cardiac contrast imaging package allows you to evaluate left ventricular function in your most difficult-to-image patients.

Cardiac Contrast Imaging