Aquilion 16 ASSURANCE Refurbishment Program

The Power to Perform,
Uncompromised Technology

This advanced CT system includes enhanced features for greater patient comfort and safety, faster exams, and improved image quality for quicker diagnosis. In 400 milliseconds, the gantry can rotate around a patient's entire body—a fast scanning capability that can effectively reduce image distortion of moving organs, such as the heart and lungs. Delivering more accurate clinical images with fine details, the Aquilion 16 offers physicians the high quality images they need to make a quick and accurate diagnosis.

The Power to Perform

  • Performance for all patients
  • Routine 0.5 sec rotation scanning
  • Uncompromised CTA exams, 0.5 mm slice thickness
Aquilion 16Aquilion 16 CT Scanner
Aquilion 16 Brain GBM

Brain GBM

Aquilion 16 Tibia and Fibula with Hardware

Tibia and Fibula with Hardware

Uncompromised Technology

  • 0.5mm x 16 detector row
  • 16 detector technology with industry lead specs
  • Leading Low Contrast Resolution (LCR)
  • Quantum Denoising Software (QDS)
  • Boost 3D

Dose Reduction Technologies

Aquilion 16 uses SURETechnologies™ applications such as SUREStart which monitors contrast uptake in the target region using a low dose technique that automatically triggers the scan to start once contrast has reached the target area to be examined.

  • Real time bolus tracking
  • Multiple ROI placement
  • Auto triggering
  • Real time movement of ROI’s
  • Ability to track Pulmonary Artery and Aorta simultaneously
Aquilion 16 CT Sure Technologies