Angiography Benefits


Greater Patient Access

Infinix-i Angiography System

The Infinix-i platform provides unprecedented access to the patient and enhances the multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. With a wide range of specialists involved in Hybrid procedures, the system accommodates multiple clinicians and ancillary equipment to provide unsurpassed patient care.

Infinix-i's wide range of access

Superior mechanical movement allows for full patient coverage without moving the patient.

Infinix-i Range of Access

To enable procedures for larger patients, the table has a weight capacity of over 700 lbs.

  • 484 lbs. when fully extended
  • An additional 220 lbs. when retracted
Bird's Eye View of Infinix-i

Dose Management

Optimized Dose Management

Infinix-i systems incorporate industry leading automated and user-selectable dose management tools, designed to minimize patient X-ray exposure while maintaining optimum image quality.


Dose Tracking System (DTS)

Estimates dose delivered to the skin in real time and displays it on a color-coded map during procedures so physicians can continuously monitor exposure and make adjustments.

Dose Tracking System

Canon Medical Systems' award winning Dose Tracking System (DTS)* introduces exclusive technology in estimating skin dose distribution:

  • Color coded and easy-to read 3D spatial visualization of skin dose estimates
  • Real-time feedback that enables procedure adjustments and the capability to limit exposure in any area for prolonged periods
  • Use on both adult and pediatric patients for cardiac, abdominal and neuro procedures

DTS Video View White Paper

*Awarded Best New Radiology Software 2014 by

Spot Fluoroscopy(*)(**)

Advanced collimation, see outside the box.

Can result in substantial dose reduction by superimposing the Last Image Hold (LIH) over live fluoro and eliminating the need to open up collimation for viewing landmarks outside the spot field.

  • Last Image Hold overlay with live fluoroscopy
  • Freely collimate with asymmetric blade movements
  • Next generation Automatic Brightness Control with Scatter Correction

*This technology is available on specific Infinix-i configurations, consult Canon Medical Systems for more information.
**In clinical practice, the use of Spot Fluoroscopy may reduce patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.

Spot Fluoroscopy Video

Spot Fluoroscopy

Advanced Image Processing (AIP)

Hardware and software work in tandem to optimize image quality and lower dose.

Uses Super Noise Reduction Filter (SNRF) technology to lower dose dramatically by analyzing and processing each image frame in real time during fluoroscopy.

Advanced Image Processing

Beam filters are automatically deployed to optimize image quality at the lowest possible dose. This advanced image processing can reduce dose up to 50%*, reducing the risk to the patient and staff.

AIP Video

* Sawdy, Jaclynn M., et. al. Use of a dose-dependent follow-up protocol and mechanisms to reduce patients & staff radiation exposure in congenital & structural interventions. Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions, 78: 136-142. July, 2011.

Grid Pulse Fluoroscopy

Helps eliminate leading and trailing edge soft radiation to the patient skin.

Grid Pulse Fluoroscopy provides more efficient X-ray pulses to reduce leading and trailing-edge dose. Infinix also includes comprehensive frame rate selection, including unique settings such as 20 and 10 frames per second (FPS).

Dynamic tableside control of 9 frame rate selections optimizes dose management and image quality.

Grid Pulse Fluoroscopy

Virtual Collimation

Minimize dose exposure to your patient with the use of virtual collimation.

Virtual Collimation

Position collimation exactly where you need it without use of fluoroscopy. After fluoroscopy, virtual collimation software simulates collimator positions so operators can adjust collimation with no additional fluoroscopy.

Virtual Collimation Video

Fluoro Record/Store

Can be used to replace digital acquisition (DA) resulting in significant dose reduction.

Infinix-i systems provide two methods to capture images for further review, prospective or retrospective. With a touch of a button, fluoro images can be saved for immediate playback. This feature can reduce the need to perform repeat exposure in order to visualize the same anatomy.

Fluoro Record/Store