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May 27, 2011


Toshiba’s Dose Reduction Technologies Help Limit Radiation Exposure in Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging

LONDON, May 27, 2011 – With the potential to undergo multiple diagnostic imaging exams over one’s lifetime, it is important to limit radiation and sedation for pediatric patients. Since children have a longer life expectancy and rapidly growing tissues, they are more sensitive to radiation than adults and require a CT exam tailored to their needs. Demonstrating its commitment to developing comprehensive CT imaging technology designed to increase pediatric patient safety and improve diagnostic accuracy, Toshiba will be showcasing the AquilionTM ONE with dose reduction technologies, including Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction (AIDR), at this year’s International Paediatric Radiology annual meeting, held in London, May 27–31, 2011 (Booth #16).

AIDR technology, combined with the volume acquisition mode of the Aquilion ONE, can expose patients to less radiation, providing safer pediatric exams. The Aquilion ONE captures up to 16 cm of anatomy in one rotation, allowing for entire regions of the body, such as the heart or brain, to be imaged in a single rotation, possibly eliminating the need for sedation. Furthermore, Toshiba’s AIDR technology, standard on the Aquilion Premium and Aquilion ONE, is software that iterates noise out of the image to increase image quality and lower radiation dose. The software intuitively improves the image by removing noise until the optimal image is produced.

Specifically for pediatric patients, the Aquilion ONE features Toshiba’s SUREExposure™ Pediatric software, offering the ability to “child size” exams. By entering the patient’s age or weight, SUREExposure Pediatric automatically makes the adjustments needed to acquire the quality images physicians need for accurate diagnoses with the least radiation possible. SUREExposure Pediatric software comes standard on all Aquilion products.

In addition to SUREExposure Pediatric, the Aquilion ONE is available with a Pediatric Kit that includes child-friendly accessories and features, including:

• iStation, an audio-visual instructional tool to help children maintain breath-hold during exams by displaying animated movies specially designed to teach them when to hold their breath and relax them during the exam
• Colorful designs and images on the Aquilion ONE’s exterior, creating a more visually compelling and child-friendly-looking system
• Pediatric accessories such as child-size table straps and infant cushion to provide a stable, comfortable exam for pediatric patients of all sizes
• A smaller replica of the Aquilion ONE allowing children to interact with the CT to understand more about the imaging process and alleviate fear about the exam

“Toshiba understands the sensitivities underlying pediatric CT exams and has developed a full line of dose-reduction technologies customizable to a child’s specifications,” said Joseph Cooper, director, CT Business Unit. “Limiting radiation and sedation are crucial to these patients to ensure the safest possible exam that gives physicians accurate data to develop a treatment plan.”

About Toshiba’s Aquilion CT Product Line Recognition

The Aquilion CT product line has received numerous accolades including the number one ranking in CT from MD Buyline since 2002 (eight consecutive years). The Aquilion 64 line has also been named Best in KLAS in 2006 and 2007 in CT; Best in KLAS in 2008, 2009 and 2010 for 64-detector row and above; and Frost & Sullivan’s “Healthcare Innovation Award in Cardiovascular Imaging” in 2008. (For more information about KLAS, visit Most recently, Toshiba’s service was ranked number one in 26 out of 40 attributes in the IMV, Ltd. ServiceTrak™ Imaging 2010 report on CT system service.

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