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November 28, 2010


New Upgrades Include New Transducers, 4D Imaging and Workflow Enhancements

CHICAGO, Nov. 28, 2010 – Enhancing imaging capabilities and improving workflow are paramount in today’s demanding ultrasound environment. To meet these ongoing needs, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. has introduced upgrades across its ultrasound product line at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago, Nov. 28 – Dec. 3, 2010 (Booth #3435, South Hall). The latest features available on the AplioTM XG, AplioTM MX, XarioTM XG, and ViamoTM systems include new transducers, 4D imaging improvements and workflow protocol enhancements. Additional upgrades to the Viamo include ApliPureTM, TissuePureTM Imaging and DICOM structured reporting.

“Toshiba listens to its customers to understand their needs and the challenges they face in today’s changing healthcare environment,” said Tomohiro Hasegawa, director, Ultrasound Business Unit, Toshiba. “The upgrades offered across Toshiba’s ultrasound product line are designed to further enhance clinical capability and productivity, ultimately allowing clinicians to diagnose more patients in a shorter period of time and improve overall workflow.”

Toshiba is improving 4D image quality across its ultrasound line to enable clinicians to see all dimensions of the anatomy being imaged more clearly and accurately. During biopsies, 4D imaging allows for more accurate guidance of the biopsy needle. Precise visualization of the needle path creates safer exams and reduces potential complications.

Toshiba has added workflow enhancements including the easy setup of protocols that streamline the imaging process for many routine exams. These protocols can be customized to the customer’s workflow. The protocols standardize image output and increase exam efficiency by reducing the number of tasks per exam. Sonographers have the ability to add custom annotations and manually reshuffle images. Sonographers can exit the protocol when additional images are required and re-enter at the same place to continue the protocol with just the click of a button.

Toshiba will also showcase three new transducers to improve the ability to conduct detailed ultrasound imaging exams. These include one high-frequency curved array transducer and two intraoperative transducers.

The new high-frequency tightly curved transducer, PVT-712BT, produces outstanding image quality and enables clinicians to view small details, especially important in exams of neonatal heads, pediatric abdomens and thyroids. These details come from the transducer’s ability to penetrate from the near to far field at very high frequencies.

The first new intraoperative transducer, PVT-745BTH, is designed for direct visualization of organs, particularly the liver, during surgery. The second new intraoperative transducer, PVT-745BTF, is tailored for imaging the vascular system. Both transducers are small and easy to handle, crucial features for use during surgery. All transducer upgrades are available on the Aplio XG, Aplio MX and Xario XG ultrasound systems.

Finally, Toshiba offers upgrades to the Viamo, the industry’s no-compromise ultrasound system with advanced radiology capabilities, previously unavailable on point-of-care systems. These upgrades include ApliPure, TissuePure Imaging and DICOM structured reporting. The new upgrades on the Viamo enable clinicians to perform advanced exams with greater image definition and clinical accuracy without compromising on patient access, making it ideal for high-end radiology, vascular and OB/GYN exams and procedures at patients’ bedsides. Its portability and exceptional imaging performance raise the bar in the rapidly growing point-of-care markets, such as interventional radiology, emergency medicine and anesthesia.

Viamo also offers the ability to interchange Toshiba transducers from other ultrasound systems such as the Aplio MX, thus improving productivity and flexibility while saving healthcare costs by reducing the need to purchase multiple transducers. Additionally, a new industry-best 40 cm depth setting allows imaging of even the toughest of patients.

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