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June 28, 2010


Large Open-Bore Vantage Titan MR System Allows Facility to Image Bariatric Patients Who Were Previously Sent to Other Facilities for Imaging

TUSTIN, Calif., June 28, 2010 – Obesity is a growing trend in the United States, requiring hospitals to provide medical imaging technology designed to accommodate bariatric patients without compromising diagnostic confidence or patient comfort. To accomplish this goal, Central Mississippi Medical Center (CMMC) in Jackson, Miss., a bariatric center of excellence, recently installed Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc.’s Vantage TitanTM MR system. The Titan’s 71 cm aperture and large open bore enables CMMC to better serve its bariatric patient population with an MR system capable of imaging obese patients with comfort and confidence.

“Before installing the Titan, we could not accommodate many of our bariatric patients using MR and had to send them elsewhere for MR imaging,” said Donald Thomas, director, Imaging Services, Central Mississippi Medical Center. “The Titan allows us to image bariatric patients easily and comfortably without sacrificing patient comfort or exam quality. The system helps us better serve the bariatric community.”

The Titan is the first large open-bore MR system installed in the state of Mississippi. Titan’s feet-first imaging and Pianissimo™ noise-reduction technology enable bariatric and claustrophobic patients to be imaged in a relaxed setting.

In addition to general MR exams, CMMC uses Toshiba’s proprietary non-contrast MRA techniques for patients with renal insufficiencies who require MR exams. Gadolinium-based contrast agents, the most common contrast agents used for MRA, have been directly linked to nephrogenic systemic fibrosis or nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy (NSF/NFD), a sometimes fatal skin disease that occurs in patients with renal insufficiency. Due to the link between obesity and Type II diabetes, these non-contrast techniques are particularly beneficial for CMMC, which can now offer non-contrast MRA exams to diabetic patients and other patients with renal insufficiencies.

CMMC is also utilizing Toshiba’s Titan MR system in the evaluation of non-healing wounds in diabetic patients. Some diabetics have challenges with wounds healing properly, and infections can spread quickly, which can result in amputations. With the high image quality of the Titan, physicians at CMMC can make the correct diagnostic decision by being able to clearly visualize the bone versus the tissue, and are able to identify if the infection has spread to the bone. Physicians can therefore make a more accurate decision if amputation is necessary or if other therapies can be used.

In addition to bariatric and diabetic patient needs, CMMC also uses the Titan MR for general patient imaging, including head, neck, spine, knee and abdominal/pelvis exams.

“Central Mississippi Medical Center’s utilization of Toshiba’s Vantage Titan and proprietary non-contrast MRA techniques demonstrates the real-world effectiveness in comfortably imaging bariatric patients while eliminating the risks of gadolinium-based contrast agents,” said Doug Ryan, vice president, Marketing and Strategic Development, Toshiba. “Toshiba recognizes the challenges of imaging bariatric patients and develops imaging systems with features to more effectively serve the needs of these patients.”

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