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May 15, 2008


Using Toshiba’s Dynamic Volume CT — the Aquilion ONE — the New Center will Provide Advanced Training for Cardiac and Neurological Applications

LAS VEGAS — May 15, 2008 — CVCTA Education, AMIGenics and Nevada Imaging Centers celebrate the opening of the Dynamic Volume CT Education Center located at AMIGenics in Las Vegas. This is the first education center to offer courses in dynamic volume CT applications and will use Toshiba’s Aquilion ONE™ — the world’s first dynamic volume CT.

Dynamic volume CT is unparalleled in diagnostic imaging today. It produces 4D clinical videos showing up to 16 cm of anatomical coverage — enough to capture the entire brain or heart and allow visualization of how blood is flowing into these organs. This ability to image an entire organ and show function means faster, more accurate diagnosis, better patient outcomes and ultimately lower healthcare costs.

Dr. Tony DeFrance, medical director of CVCTA Education, will lead the cardiac CT instruction, including Level I and II training that will address the flexible, ultra-low dose techniques available on the Aquilion ONE.

Dr. William W. Orrison, chief of Neuroradiology, Nevada Imaging Centers, will lead instruction on the advanced neuroradiology applications possible with dynamic volume CT. The center will offer two levels of neuroradiology training — a basic level and an advanced level that will cover a larger number of cases.

“The Aquilion ONE’s dynamic volume capabilities are changing the way physicians examine and treat patients, especially in cardiac and neuroradiology cases,” said Dr. Orrison. “High level training is critical to ensuring physicians maximize the quantum leap in clinical capability and all of its possibilities.”

Nevada Imaging Centers is also the site of the first dynamic volume CT system in the Western U.S. Since late March, Dr. Orrison has been diagnosing at-risk patients with a variety of medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, cerebral vascular disease and musculoskeletal injuries.

“Not only does dynamic volume CT significantly reduce the time it takes to diagnose heart disease, but it reduces radiation exposure to patients by almost 80 percent,” said Dr. DeFrance. “This is a tremendous step forward in how we will treat patients with cardiovascular disease. In fact, I believe it will change the treatment pathway for cardiovascular disease and I feel it is important to educate the medical community about this new technological advancement.”

AMIGenics’ Dynamic Volume CT Education Center location provides a comfortable and high tech setting for understanding and maximizing the capabilities of the Aquilion ONE. AMIGenics is also applying these Aquilion ONE capabilities as personalized healthcare and screening options for adults.

CVCTA Education, a leading provider of top-tier medical educational programs, has received the highest reviews from the medical community as well as industry validation of its courses. Dr. DeFrance also uses the Aquilion® 64 for Level I and Level II cardiac courses, as well as Peripheral Vascular CTA (PV-CTA) courses.

“Toshiba is committed to technology education, dose reduction and validation,” said Doug Ryan, senior director, CT Business Unit, Toshiba. “The Dynamic Volume CT Education Center expands our commitment to include the Aquilion ONE.”

Additional information on Toshiba’s PV-CTA course offered at CVCTA can be found or

CVCTA Education is a leader in the design and delivery of innovative medical educational programs. It has centers in San Francisco, New York, Houston, Sydney and Las Vegas to deliver its courses to the medical community. In addition to the new Peripheral Vascular CTA offering, CVCTA trains physicians in performing, post-processing and interpreting Cardiac CT angiograms. More information about CVCTA Education can be found at

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