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May 14, 2008


New X-ray Feature Increases Image Quality and Diagnostic Capabilities

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA — May 14, 2008 — Already being used in more than 25 hospitals across the country, Toshiba America Medical Systems’ new Advanced Image Processing (AIP) feature is improving patient care. Developed for the InfinixTM X-ray line, AIP is increasing the quality, sharpness and contrast of images gathered during interventional procedures in some of the country’s top facilities. Currently, images generated during interventional procedures can be difficult to interpret, causing delays for the physician, patient and imaging center. Toshiba’s new AIP feature can prevent such delays by providing clearer images.

“Toshiba’s new AIP feature provides improved visualization of the coronary arteries allowing for better decisions in difficult situations such as patients with rapid heart rates, small tortuous arteries, bariatric patients and emergency situations,” said Dr. Ronald P. Karlsberg, clinical professor of Medicine UCLA, from Brotman Medical Center, one of the hospitals already benefiting from AIP.

Johns Hopkins University, Arlington Memorial Hospital, Springhill Medical Center and The Washington Hospital are using the technology to improve workflow and patient care through the use of Toshiba’s AIP feature. AIP’s benefits include programmable image display, reduced background noise, resolution in dark areas and improved device and vessel visualization.

“The image quality offered by Toshiba’s Infinix line, particularly the AIP feature, is remarkable,” said Dr. John S. Wilson, medical director, Cardiovascular Services, The Washington Hospital. “AIP allows us to image bariatric patients, which was difficult to do before. It also gives us reduced background noise and improved device and vessel visualization, which allows us to increase workflow and provide better patient care during our interventional procedures.”

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