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June 16, 2005


Xario Ultrasound System Enables Increased Diagnostic Confidence, Enhanced Efficiency and Improved Workflow

BOSTON, June 16, 2005 – Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. (TAMS) today unveiled the XarioTM ultrasound system, the company’s latest cardiac ultrasound offering, at the 2005 Annual Scientific Session of the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) in Boston.  The Xario ultrasound system quickly and accurately delivers the high-quality images necessary to distinguish tiny cardiac and vascular structures, while remaining affordable for hospitals and clinics where resources for new technologies may be dwindling. 

“Toshiba Ultrasound has enjoyed 30-35 percent growth annually over the past few years,” said Gordon Parhar, director, Ultrasound Business Unit, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. “The introduction of the Xario meets the needs of an important segment, customers with constrained budgets who are seeking a sophisticated system capable of addressing a diverse patient population. We expect the Xario to contribute extensively to Toshiba’s continued growth over the next few years.”

Ultrasound is an integral diagnostic tool in high-volume hospitals and clinics due in large part to its ability to quickly scan for a variety of cardiac conditions.   However, due to the historically high cost associated with ultrasound technology, image quality and system capabilities are often sacrificed in favor of reduced acquisition costs, a decision that can negatively impact diagnosis and treatment. 

To meet the requirements of physicians and patients for high quality healthcare, Toshiba introduced the Xario ultrasound system to deliver maximum value and superior image quality at an affordable price point for growing and high-volume imaging centers and practices that require high-quality systems with a full range of cardiac imaging functions.  

“The Xario is the ideal solution for busy, budget-conscious hospital and clinical settings where cardiologists are called upon to make fast and accurate diagnosis, when a multi-functional ultrasound system is paramount,” said Parhar. 

The Xario ultrasound system will be demonstrated during the scientific session at booth #516.  In addition, clinical experts will be available at the Toshiba booth to discuss the Xario, and Toshiba’s Dyssynchrony Imaging (DI), a technology that is being developed by TAMS to assist in cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) and is expected to be commercially available this fall.

“The image quality the Xario delivers is equal to that of more expensive ultrasound systems, when compared side-by-side,” said Paul Carr, RDCS, technical director of echocardiography, Iowa Heart Center.   “The ability to obtain high-quality images of the patient’s heart, with relative ease and speed, can eliminate the need for additional tests and allows us to begin treatment sooner.”

According to Sue Tierney, director of diagnostic services, Iowa Heart Center: “After evaluating a number of ultrasound systems comparable in price and function, we found that the Xario system delivered the best quality images and applications for the price. The sonographer is literally able to scan a patient’s heart and within minutes a physician can make a diagnosis and begin treatment, which is crucial in high-volume hospital and clinical settings, where you see a wide variety of cardiac pathologies.”

Founded on proven platform technologies, the Xario ultrasound system delivers superior images to ensure diagnostic confidence.   Among its many standard features, including Filter and Pulse Subtraction THI and Harmonic TDI, the Xario provides premiere image quality during routine examinations of the heart, as well as when imaging difficult to scan patients.  In addition, the Xario provides a comprehensive optional Stress Echo package.

The Xario ultrasound system provides cardiologists with flexible solutions that can be customized based on the individual needs of each user.  Cardiologists can print, store and perform network transfers of patient data, still images, clips and SR.  In addition, the system supports all seven classes of DICOM connectivity, and the patient browser enables cardiologists to review studies and export them to PC compatible formats at the touch of a button.  The system also includes a CDR, integrated DVD recorder and DVI interfaces.

TAMS improves comfort and efficiency by providing an ergonomic user interface with programmable key functions and exchangeable key tops, an elevating panel and display monitor, as well as a color Touch Command Screen to simplify system operation.  In addition, the Xario is ideal for mobile imaging applications due to its compact size, small footprint, quick stand-by mode and integrated on-board data management tools.

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