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June 7, 2005


TUSTIN, Calif., June 7, 2005 – Further strengthening its position as the leader in multislice computed tomography (CT), Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. (TAMS) today announced its support of the 7th Annual Stanford Radiology International Symposium on Multidetector-Row CT, held at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, June 15-18, 2005. 

The symposia offers courses on state-of-the-art medical imaging and features 59 world-renowned speakers and nearly 150 lectures.  In addition, several hands-on training sessions offer insight to topics such as MDCT (multidetector CT), radiation exposure and PET (positron emission tomography) and functional CT, including cardiac, vascular and abdominal applications. 

According to Doug Ryan, director, CT Business Unit, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc., the Stanford Radiology Symposium has played an integral role in highlighting the latest imaging technologies, including the latest 64-detector CT systems.  “This conference is an ideal way to reach the U.S. customer base with educational presentations from the nation’s leading radiologists and clinicians in an academic setting to raise awareness about the diagnostic benefits of multislice CT.”

A luncheon hosted by Toshiba will be held during the symposia and features a presentation on cardiac CT by Dr. Jeffrey P. Goldman, director of cardiovascular CT and MRI at Manhattan Diagnostic Radiology.  Other presentations by leading researchers, professors and practicing radiologists include:

• Philip M. Boiselle, M.D., Assistant Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School, Director, Thoracic Imaging, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: “Excluding PE in Pregnant Patients,” “MDCT Case of the Year: Harvard University” and “Hidden Disease in the Chest”

• S. Bruce Greenberg, M.D., Associate Professor, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas Children’s Hospital: “Preparing the CT Suite for Children: Special Needs” and “Outside of the Lungs: When CT is Preferred to MRI or Sonography in Children”

• Professor Katada, M.D., Professor of Radiology, Fujita Health University, School of Medicine, Japan: “MDCT Case of the Year: Fujita Health University” and “Techniques for Maximizing Cerebral CTA Image Quality”

• João A.C. Lima, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of Cardiovascular Imaging, Johns Hopkins University: “When is Coronary CTA the Test of Choice?” and “Is There a Role for Coronary CTA in Asymptomatic Patients?”

• Vassilios Raptopolous, M.D., Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School, Director of CT Services, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: “Low Dose Unenhanced Abdominal CT: When is it appropriate and how low should we go?” and “Optimization for Workflow and Dose Minimization”

• Patrik Rogalla, M.D., Head, CT Division, Department of Radiology, Charité Hospital, Universitaetsmedizin, Germany: “Tips for Optimizing CT Colonography Acquisition” and “Diagnosing Bowel Ischemia: What is the optimal technique?”

• Aart van der Mollen, M.D., Section of Body CT, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands: “Reducing Radiation Dose: Where can we have the greatest impact?” and “Features of an Effective 3D Workstation”

In addition, Toshiba is participating in the 3rd Annual Workstation Face-off event wherein attendees can view and compare how major workstations can be used for visualization of 3-D data sets.  The Workstation Face-off event is held on Thursday, June 16, from 2:45-5:30 p.m.

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