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Presented by David Hashimoto
Senior Director, Full Line BUs and Solutions Marketing, Canon Medical

State of AI in Radiology

Watch the State of AI in Radiology Today Roundtable

Wednesday, December 1, 2021- 7:00-8:00 am CDT

While AI-based technology for use in radiology is in its early stages of development, there are more AI algorithms and vendors than imaging modalities combined. With all the hype, what is the state of AI in radiology today from a clinical adoption, economic and reimbursement status, and ultimately, its real-world benefits?

In this roundtable the experts will discuss the financial, technical, clinical and regulatory considerations about AI in radiology today and what the near future for this promising technology may look like.

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Eliot Siegel, MD

Eliot Siegel, MD
Professor and Vice Chair at the University of Maryland School of Medicine

Peter Chang, MD

Peter Chang, MD
Assistant Professor — Department of Radiological Sciences, UCI School of Medicine

Patrik Rogalla, MD

Patrik Rogalla, MD
Professor of Radiology, University of Toronto

Cindy Siegel

Cindy Siegel
Corporate Director Imaging Operations, UHS of Delaware

Tom Szostak

Tom Szostak
Director Healthcare Economics, Canon Medical

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True Neural Network Thinking Defines AI Reconstruction

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